Elect Jessica Zamora to the Poudre School District Board of Education in 2023

Community ● Equity ● Transparency

Community - Jessica Zamora

Community is essential for a great school district. Our schools act as community hubs for many families – fostering life-long relationships and deepening connections. As a school district we must continue to engage with and listen to stakeholders as well as celebrate the achievements of our students and staff.


-Increase Community Engagement Opportunities.

-Develop additional partnerships with community organizations and businesses.

-Promote events showcasing students achievements.

Equity - Jessica Zamora

Equity requires each and every student to have access to the award-winning academic and extracurricular opportunities that PSD has to offer. We also must honor the cultures and lived-experiences of every student by providing opportunities for students to see themselves in curriculum and inviting the many cultures that reside within our community to share their experiences.


-Review, Supplement, and Adopt high-quality and inclusive curriculum.

-Provide learning opportunities for staff and the community to better meet students needs.

-Actionize the feedback students share about their needs and experiences.

Transparency - Jessica Zamora

Transparency builds trust. Our students deserve an education that is easy to navigate and where they understand the expectations in order to be successful. Our families deserve to know what children are expected to learn and how we will support their child’s success. Our community deserves to understand how their tax-dollars are spent to develop the next generation of our workforce.


-Review and develop district-wide policies that sets clear expectations for students.

-Provide opportunities for the community to learn about mental health and academic supports.

-Communicate the many career tracks students have access to and the partnerships that make them a reality.

*Legos are awesome! As a mom of two school age children who love to over-engineer everything – I just couldn’t help myself but to build something that represents my passions.